Impact House Safety

Our focus is safety
Your health and safety while at Impact House is always top of mind. We work closely with 200 W. Madison to abide by all federal, state and local regulations as well as those shared by the WHO and the CDC, to ensure the safest possible workplace. We are in frequent contact with our employees, members and property management to maintain the health and safety standards of our space.


Safety Measures
Increased Sanitation

Sanitation teams have increased cleaning and concentration of high-touch surfaces and common areas.

Professional Distancing

Modified occupancy of shared spaces to ensure proper distancing in common areas, elevators and work spaces.

Behavioral Signage

Signage and decals placed throughout common areas to remind members of best practices and regulations regarding mask requirements, cleanliness and distancing.

sanitizing SUPPLIES

Hygiene and sanitation stations throughout common areas to increase personal cleanliness and decrease spread of germs.

HVAC Operations

We have partnered with our building and the Fitwell Viral Response team to increase ventilation and frequency of testing.

Increased Communication

Alerts and increased communication between tenants and property management to keep members informed.



Please contact with any questions.

Viral Response certification